Profit of the companies by years

Annual trend for the quantity of annual reports submitted.
The statistics do not include banks, insurance companies, credit unions and investment management companies, as well as companies that have not yet submitted their annual reports.

Lursoft statistics from the information available in the Commercial Register for the period between 01.01.1996 and 26.02.2024.

The statistics were updated on 26.02.2024, at 14:04:32

The statistics are also available in the XLS and TXT formats.

No Reporting year Number Net turnover, EUR Profit before taxes, EUR Profit after taxes, EUR
Number of entries Total
Total on page

Explanations of table columns

  • Reporting year - Year, for which the annual reports are submitted.
  • Number - Number of annual reports submitted for the reporting year, which contain revenue or profit indicators
  • Net turnover, EUR - Total revenue for the reporting year
  • Profit before taxes, EUR - Total profits after extraordinary positions and taxes for the reporting year. The data are specified only for the period before the 22.10.2015 amendments to the Law on the Annual Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • Profit after taxes, EUR - Total profits after tax for the reporting year
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