Companies with biggest annual turnover increase

300 companies with the highest turnover increase in 2020 compared to the turnover of 2019.
Statistics include only companies having the taxation period of at least 10 months and the annual turnover of 2019 of more than 140 thousand EUR.
The statistics do not include banks, insurance companies, credit unions and investment management companies, as well as companies that have not yet submitted their annual reports.
Breakdown of the companies included in the statistics by activity types is available in a separate statistical report.
The reporting year is the year, for which the annual reports are submitted.

Lursoft statistics from the information available in the Commercial Register for the period between 01.01.1997 and 16.05.2021.

The statistics were updated on 16.05.2021, at 09:07:22

The statistics are also available in the XLS and TXT formats.

No Company NACE Type of business (according to NACE) Turnover (millions), EUR Against 2019

Explanations of table columns

  • Turnover (millions), EUR - The company’s turnover in 2020.
  • Against 2019 - Changes in the company’s turnover in 2020 as against the turnover of 2019. If the proportion of changes does not exceed 100%, the proportion of changes is stated by the formula ((turnover of 2020 - turnover of 2019) / turnover of 2019) x 100. If the proportion of changes is 100% or exceeds 100%, the proportion of changes is stated by the formula (turnover of 2020 / turnover of 2019).
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