Companies with biggest annual turnover in 2011

The "Turnover" column shows the turnover of the company's in 2011. Columns "% to YYYY" shows the changes of 2011 annual turnover in reference to annual turnover of YYYY. If the change ratio does not exceed 100%, the change ratio is given by the formula ((2011 annual turnover - YYYY annual turnover) / YYYY annual turnover) x 100. If the change ratio is 100% or more than 100%, the change ratio is provided by the formula (2011 annual turnover / YYYY annual turnover).
The list includes only those companies that have had a taxation period of at least 10 months.
The list of companies is constantly updated according to the submitted annual reports. The list does not include banks, insurance companies or companies that have not yet submitted their annual reports.
The breakdown of listed companies by type of activity is available in a separate statistical report.

n/d - no data

Lursoft statistics from the information available in the Commercial Register for the period between 1 January 1991 and 18.09.2019.

The statistics were updated on 18.09.2019, at 23:06:10

The statistics are also available in the XLS and TXT formats.

No Company NACE Type of business (according to NACE) Turnover (millions), EUR Against 2010 Against 2009 Against 2008