Breakdown of foreign investments by country

The statistics show the number of changes in the investments in share capital, as well as the accrued investments broken down by the countries of origin of the investors. Statistical data for investments from specific countries may also be received. Pointing at the country name provides additional data about the trend for investments from this country. Point at the yearly / quarterly / monthly breakdown to get statistics about investment trends within said periods. Point at the corresponding breakdown to get statistics about investments in specific industries, and about the biggest investors from specific countries.

Lursoft statistics from the information available in the Commercial Register for the period between 01.01.1991 and 18.04.2024.

The statistics were updated on 18.04.2024, at 02:29:32

The statistics are also available in the XLS and TXT formats.

No Country Number Investments, EUR Occurrence of investor Expansion
Number of entries Total
Total on page
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