Investments in companies, and respective investors

Information about companies, in which investment or withdrawal events have taken place*. The second column specifies the company, in which the investment transactions occurred, the third column includes the investor that effected these transactions, and the fourth column shows the investment amount. The last column is for the date, on which the information was updated.

* Investment events may also include any changes in the investor data filed in the Company Register of the Republic of Latvia, including the investor’s name, identification number, address, country of origin or business organisation form. In such cases, the overall statistics pertaining to the investor in question are not affected.

Lursoft statistics from the information available in the Commercial Register for the period between 01.01.1991 and 08.12.2023.

The statistics were updated on 08.12.2023, at 02:14:32

The statistics are also available in the XLS and TXT formats.

No Company Investor Investments, EUR Date of changes
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